Credit Analysis By Experts

TRA™ is a trusted partner in evaluating and analyzing tenant credit risk in the commercial real estate market

Credit and Diligence Services

  • TRA works with developers, landlords, investors, brokers, asset managers, and REITs across commercial, industrial, and retail markets throughout North America and Europe.

  • TRA’s team of credit professionals will oversee all aspects of tenant diligence, including financial reviews, tenant interviews, and in depth research to protect clients from potential legal, regulatory, operational, and reputational risks.

  • TRA’s credit reports stand on their own with detailed, insightful analysis, and provide a foundation for TRA’s advisory services on leases, acquisitions, and dispositions.

  • TRA maintains more than 25 distinct credit models to accurately evaluate tenant risk across a wide variety of industries, and TRA™ is constantly adding new sector specific models to service its constantly expanding client needs.

Our Reports Provide Complete Coverage